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ITV's Mia Dolan at the Weston Theatre

05 Jan 2007

UK's No 1 female psychic on stage on 18 January

Mia Dolan is the UK's number one female psychic and is one of the UK's most eminent and extraordinary psychics whose work has taken her from private readings to 'ghost busting' to psychic demonstrations in front of hundreds of people. Her abilities have made her one of the most sought-after psychics in the country.

Mia will be appearing on stage at the Weston Theatre at The University of Manchester on Thursday 18 January 2007 for a two-hour intimate evening to demonstrate her unique gift (if she picks you out of the audience, you are free to say no!). She will also reveal the difficult yet life-transforming journey she's undertaken on her psychic path.

She is an ordinary woman brought up in a working-class family on the Isle of Sheppey, and had her first out-of-body experience at the age of 12. At the age of 22 her spirit guide began to talk to her and showed her how to use her clairvoyance as well providing fascinating insights into the nature of the Afterlife. Mia's life has been touched by tragic experiences including when she foresaw the murder of her own brother and when her son died while still only a teenager.

Mia's most unusual and intriguing readings: predictions she made for "The Sun" and "The Daily Mirror" about Princess Diana and her experiences at the scenes of the deaths of Jill Dando and Rachel Nickell for "The Daily Mail".

'I wish there was some way I could share my ability to see things other people can't. We all have a guide, but not everyone can see or hear theirs. I've no idea what opened up the link between Eric and me, but I consider it a gift.' Mia Dolan in Real magazine.

Mia is an accomplished author. First came her autobiographical book 'The Gift', followed by 'Mia's World', both of which were best sellers. Not to mention the TV series and accompanying book 'Haunted Homes' which first hit our screens last spring on ITV2, this series was such a success that it is currently being re-shown on ITV1. In the meantime, Mia has been busy filming a second series. Mia was the summer guest psychic on ITV1's television programme 'This Morning' and her solo TV show shown on Boxing Day last year was beaten only by Match of the Day in the ratings!

More information and ticket reservations from:

Mia is also running workshops throughout the UK and will be holding a class on Saturday 20 January in Weston Room 2, Weston Building, The University of Manchester.