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Sustainability during lockdown: record wildlife sightings for 10,000 Actions

01 Jun 2020

We’ve updated our 10,000 Actions website so that you can record what you’re doing to help the environment while at home


As we all continue to spend large amounts of time at home, it has given some of us more time to think about what we can do to help the environment and live more sustainably. Now, more than ever, the impact we have on the world around us has been brought into sharp focus. As World Environment Day approaches on 5 June, reflecting on and recording the small actions or changes we are making are big steps towards helping our planet. 

Our 10,000 Actions initiative aims to provide all University staff members with the opportunity to engage in a programme of learning and positive action on sustainability through creating a personal action plan.

Recording wildlife sightings

  • With quieter streets and roads, many people are reporting an increase in wildlife sightings in quieter environments since lockdown. What differences are you noticing?
  • Record the wildlife around you on our UMAPIT app. UMAPIT (University of Manchester Animal Positions and Information Tracker) is a bespoke app that has been developed by the Living Campus Group to allow users to record sightings of 19 urban wildlife species. The citizen science project aims to connect people with nature, highlight the wealth of diversity and to monitor species distribution across the UK.Take notice of wildlife in our urban environments and use the app to record what you see.
  • The Open University has launched its Pollinator Watch project. Share your observations and photos of insect pollinators to discover more about them. Find out how to identify a selection of insect pollinators. Learn why insect pollinators are important and why they need our help.

What you can do:

Tell us what you’re doing

Send your photos or short videos of what you’re doing at home to and we’ll feature them on our social media channels.