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Love Giving

14 Feb 2020

Share love and spread kindness on Valentine's Day by donating to your favourite charity.

Rescue dogs

The total amount disbursed to charities via donations to our Payroll Giving Scheme has now reached £1,118,456.87! During 2019, the total donations alone reached £132,598.62 which is an incredible average of £11,050 per month.

Donations made in this way go to many amazing causes chosen by you. Since 2005 the Top five charities supported by number of donors have been Oxfam, Shelter, Save the Children Fund, Cancer Research UK and the NSPCC. However in 2019, the Top 5 were: Shelter, Oxfam, UNICEF, Cancer Research UK and MIND. This may reflect the increasing awareness and impacts of mental health.

Payroll Giving is considered the best way to support your favourite charity. The scheme makes sure the full tax relief possible goes to the charities concerned, boosting the amount and of course the impact of the money. Giving this way helps your charity receive regular financial support and helps smaller charities in particular, as many do not have the resource to claim back Gift Aid.

A regular monthly donation of £10 from your take-home pay to your chosen charity will be automatically boosted (at no cost to you) to £12.50 for a 20% rate tax payer and £16.66 for a 40% rate tax payer.

Why not spread the kindness today to your favourite charities!

Other ways to donate via Payroll Giving

  • Why not make a commitment to donate an hour of your pay each month to your favourite charity.
  • Set up a Charity Account - The CAF Charity Account helps you to put money aside for your charitable giving, and lets you control how and when you choose to support the causes you care about. The funds will be kept safe until you’re ready to donate.

More information

You can read more information on our Payroll Giving Scheme.

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