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New Chemical Inventory System

13 Mar 2018

Launch of a web-based chemical inventory system that can help all staff and students in their day-to-day work

The Directorate of Compliance and Risk is pleased to announce the launch of a web-based chemical inventory system that can help all staff and students in their day-to-day work. This new, easy-to-use resource saves both time and money, as well as assisting safer working.

The system is called LabCup and is available now using your University IT account username and password. LabCup is being rolled-out across the University in stages and you should contact your local Safety Advisor for further information about availability in your area.

How does it work?

LabCup uses unique barcodes to track every chemical, meaning they can be located instantly. This will provide more sustainable working by avoiding duplication and automatically identifying expired chemicals, so they can be disposed of safely.

Many useful features can be accessed from a smartphone or tablet, as well as your desktop PC. For example, the system has an image recognition feature that can capture information directly from product labels which can then be added to the database. The system also cleverly retrieves and stores safety data for a product directly from the manufacturer.

LabCup also has an integrated Risk Assessment module so that all hazard and risk information can be stored in one place. It can also display emergency information associated with the substance on the plans of your building.

What’s more, if you have to prepare statutory compliance returns, the administrative headache is gone. Once fully implemented, reports can be generated in seconds directly from the inventory.

Does that mean everyone can use my chemicals?

Although the inventory is University-wide, your lab will keep ownership of all chemicals. Other groups can only use them with your permission. For sustainability, LabCup does allow the sharing of chemicals and other materials, which the University strongly encourages, but it is you who decides what to share and with whom.

Surely it’s not as easy as it sounds?

Although the software is very user-friendly, training sessions will be provided for everyone who needs it, and additional support is available via the online forum and instructions in the inventory main page. Any queries or concerns should be addressed directly with your School Safety Advisers (SSAs).