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Response to UCU for all staff

07 Jul 2017

The University has been and remains committed to effective consultation with the Trade Unions

The University of Manchester

It is disappointing that the UCU has written to the University giving notice of a “failure to agree” in relation to the current consultation on the proposals to reduce posts in some areas of the University. 

The University has been and remains committed to effective consultation with the Trade Unions. To date there have been eight meetings with the Trade Unions and these meetings have progressed well – with all parties having the opportunity to outline their views and concerns.

In response to feedback through the consultation we have made a number of amendments to our proposals including increasing the number of people eligible to apply for Voluntary Severance in FBMH, changing the pools in AMBS and extending the deadline for applications in PSS areas.  We are also pleased to report that the required reduction in the number of posts has now decreased due to redeployment, resignation and retirement in some affected areas.  We have also ring-fenced a number of vacancies in PSS as redeployment opportunities and will continue to explore redeployment opportunities as they arise.

Contrary to the suggestion in UCU’s communication, the University is seeking to achieve the reductions in posts through voluntary means if at all possible. Any move towards compulsory redundancies would be subject to Board approval, which has always been the case and as we have clearly indicated, but that this will not be put to the Board until all other means have been explored.

The University’s actions have been fully compliant with all agreed policies, processes and procedures - including Statutes and Ordinances. This has been confirmed by the Chair of the Board in a statement and in a letter in response to professors and was reaffirmed at Senate.  A copy of the statement can be accessed at:

We are continuing with the consultation and the progression of these proposals.  The Voluntary Severance Scheme remains in place and open for applications with reported deadlines.  We continue to be committed to engage in meaningful consultation with all of the recognised Trade Unions.