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Do you know a Terrific Scientist?

01 Nov 2016

Amazing opportunity to engage with school children through BBC Learning

In the lab

Do you know a Terrific Scientist, who can inspire the next generation?

BBC Learning is launching a bold, ambitious science campaign aimed at inspiring primary-age teachers and their pupils through exciting, innovative and accessible mass-participation investigations that every school can take part in.

It will also host exciting content on BBC website and social media channels which launch in November.

As part of this content, it is curating a series of ‘Terrific Scientists’ in which real life scientists like you have the chance to nominate their most inspirational scientific hero.

Children will have the chance to vote on which they think is the most ‘Terrific Scientist’ of them all, with more in depth web content appearing around the winning scientist.

BBC Learning is keen to get a mix of male and female nominations from across disciplines and nationalities. They can be world famous or lesser known, dead or alive but the key is inspiration!

The closing date for submissions – which should include a short film – is Wednesday, 30 November.

The University’s digital media team can help with making the videos, so if you intend on being part of this, contact Academic Lead for Public Engagement with Research, Dr Sheena Cruickshank to discuss this further in the first instance:

Your short film should be in the following format:

  • 30s – 45s maximum
  • Say who you are and what you do
  • Introduce your terrific scientist (please use the word “terrific” or phrase “terrific scientist” somewhere if you can)
  • When did they live?
  • What they did/discovered/were known for?
  • Why they inspired you?

Technical information

  • BBC Learning are happy with self-shot footage on a smartphone or camcorder
  • Make sure sound/speech is legible (avoid lots of wind noise etc, use an external microphone if you can)
  • Film in landscape mode
  • Film down the lens (look straight into the camera)
  • Remember, you are talking to primary age students around 10 years old

Send your clips and forms in a file-sharing service of your choice to:

Legal information

  • BBC Learning will use as many submissions as we can on our website as part of our campaign but might not be able to include them all
  • Sign and return (scan and email is fine) their consent form below or they won’t be able to use your clip
  • Avoid any corporate or other branding

To take part: