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Fasten your seatbelts: Dropbox for Business is preparing to land

05 Oct 2016

External collaboration is about to become easier, safer and secure. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for Dropbox for Business as it prepares to land in October.

Dropbox for Business lets you securely share large files and folders with people who are external to the University and will be available to anyone from October.

If you collaborate with people outside of the University to share documents, files or folders but don’t know much about Dropbox for Business then take a look at the Dropbox for Business scenarios pack. If you’re completely new to Dropbox and unsure whether you need to use it or not then the case studies below might help.

Access to research files anywhere

Sharing valuable experimental data or coursework may be a challenge for researchers and lecturers who are working on projects but based around different parts of the world. Dropbox for Business gives our researchers and lecturers a secure collaborative space to share and work on files of any size or type from research papers and coursework to large data sets without compromising security. They can easily collaborate with teachers, partners and businesses even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.

Creative agency partnerships

Marketing and communications teams share large artwork files when working together with creative agencies. Dropbox for Business is a fast and easy way to share large image and artwork files without having to rely on email which may be slow and cumbersome. It can you give you the flexibility to pull up files on a smartphone, laptop or tablet and works anywhere and on any system.

Sharing architectural plans

In estates architectural plans, technical drawings and designs are shared with architects, builders and designers. Dropbox for Business makes it easier to pass on and share that information with others instead of relying on portable devices like USB drives or moving large quantities of paper around people and places. It can help you keep that information in one place and accurately track changes with unlimited version history.

If you’ve made up your mind to join, request the service online and accept the terms and conditions including the Dropbox information handling guidelines, for anyone uploading restricted or highly restricted files.

Your University Dropbox for Business account will start to become available from next week and throughout October.