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Examinations: What can you do?

23 May 2016

Three weeks of Examinations (Semester 2) commenced on Thursday 19 May, here's how you can support this process

There will be 1,741 examinations.  28,030 of our students sitting exams and in total 815 exam sessions.  Examinations take place right across campus (North campus including Sugden Sports Centre, main campus  and Armitage Sports Centre in Fallowfield).  Examinations are the biggest and most critical singular event that is delivered by the University.  It is imperative that students feel comfortable and confident to successfully enable them to complete their examinations. 

You may think that if you are not involved in the delivery that it has little to do with you.  But everyone has a role to play during this critical time.

It could be as simple as:

  • Not chatting or making noise near examination rooms/venues
  • Letting students take the lift before you so they can get to their exam venue
  • Asking students if they are o.k. if you see them looking a bit bewildered or slightly confused
  • Letting students go in front of you in a queue for beverages
  • Just being more aware of the student and their extra needs during this period and how you may be able to offer support  no matter what your job is