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WATCH: Are there aliens out there?

29 Feb 2016

University staff ask the question – and others – in innovative science chat show

University staff are involved in an innovative pilot of a TV/web science chat show, with the first episode asking the question: Are there aliens out there?

The aim was to present interesting, speculative ideas to the general public, around topics that everyone would be interested in.

The 60-minute discussion involved Dr Sheena Cruickshank and Professor Matthew Cobb, from the Faculty of Life Sciences, Dr David Kirby, Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine (CHSTM), Professor Danielle George, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Dr Aravind Vijayaraghavan, School of Materials, and the science-fiction writer and astronomer Alastair Reynolds.

To watch the raw unedited footage, snipped into four episodes, visit:

The group also recorded a second programme, asking 'Will the machines take over?' This will soon be available on the same channel. 

Matthew Cobb welcomed feedback: “Feel free to post your comments – even if they are highly critical! – on the YouTube channel. And if you like this, please spread the word by whatever means you think appropriate – Twitter, FB, sky-writing…

“In its raw version, this is basically radio on the TV, so you can listen to the discussion while doing something else at the same time. Ideal for accompanying the ironing or the washing up!”