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Dealing with inappropriate or offensive emails

24 Feb 2016

The University’s email servers block tens of thousands of junk emails daily. However, due to the nature of email, it is impossible to block all junk messages.

In some cases, colleagues may receive unsolicited emails which they consider inappropriate or offensive. You should not feel you are being singled out; most junk messages are sent by organisations who distribute nuisance messages to millions of random people worldwide. Do not reply to these messages as this will confirm to these organisations that your email address is valid. ‘Unsubscribe’ links in many of these emails are fake, and will often also verify your email address.

In most cases, the best way to deal with these types of emails is to simply delete them.

If you would like stronger email filtering, you can set up additional junk mail filters with Outlook 2010. Our easy-to-follow guide for staff will show you how to do this yourself, without having to contact the IT Support Centre:

General advice on using your staff email account can be found on our website:

You should not click on any links or open any email attachments unless you are 100% sure they are legitimate. Information on dealing with potentially malicious emails such as the above can be found on our Cyber security website:

For further help with this or any other IT service, contact the IT Support Centre:

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