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Reducing the energy footprint of computing and data analytics

14 Nov 2014

Meeting to discuss energy efficiency of co-processors in computational analysis

The first meeting of the University’s Graphical Processing Units (GPU) Club will be at 2pm on Tuesday, 25 November in Room 2.220, University Place. 

Neil Morgan, STFC, will outline how the Energy Efficient Computing Research Programme at the Hartree Centre will investigate new hardware architectures and develop new approaches to reducing the energy footprint of computing and data analytics.

Greg Kozikowski, of Computer Science at The University of Manchester, will outline the relative computational and energy performances of GPUs and FPGAs for modelling risk sensitivities of financial models such as those used on the Stock Exchange.

There is the opportunity for attendees to have a “pop up” session of up to 4 minutes with up to 2 slides to highlight their work on emerging technologies (GPUs, FPGAs, Xeon Phi and so on) and on energy efficient computing.

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