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Countdown to April 2014 – is your computer ready?

04 Mar 2014

From early April Microsoft will stop issuing security updates for Windows XP. If your computer is running this, from April your data and that of other PCs connected to the network will be at risk.

Over the past year, IT Services have been working to upgrade University PCs across campus, or put measures in place to protect the network and your data. Over 7,000 computers have already been upgraded and the feedback from colleagues using the new Windows 7 desktop has been very positive.

The work to upgrade Windows XP computers to the Windows 7 desktop will continue over the next few weeks. As the April deadline approaches, it is important for colleagues to help IT Services in identifying any remaining Windows XP computers. Staff with these computers that have not been upgraded by the beginning April may be escalated to senior management and find their access to the network and University services limited.

If you have a PC running Windows XP (or an earlier version) it is your responsibility and in your interest to ensure that it is upgraded before the beginning of April.

You can find out more about the upgrade process by visiting: