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Are your office and lab PCs ready for April 2014?

04 Sep 2013

In April 2014, less than a year away, Microsoft will stop issuing security updates for Windows XP.

From this date on, if your PC is running Windows XP, your data and that of other PCs connected to the network will be at risk.

Over the next few months, IT Services will be working to upgrade University of Manchester PCs or put measures in place to protect the network and your data.

You should ensure PCs running Windows XP or earlier are upgraded before April 2014.

If you use a University PC or laptop with Windows XP, please find out more about your upgrade by visiting:

It is also very important we identify PCs which are connected to specialist equipment and PCs in lab areas, so that these are upgraded or secured appropriately, otherwise there is a risk their access to the Internet will be blocked in April 2014. If you know of any such PCs in your area, please contact the IT Service Desk with details through the following form:

If you access University systems such as P: drives, shared areas and other systems using Windows XP at home, you will also need to make sure you upgrade your PC to a newer version of the operating system before April 2014, otherwise network and Internet access may be blocked after that date.

Technical information

This also applies to Windows XP running on Virtual Machines within other operating systems such as Windows 7, Linux or Mac OS, and to Apple’s "Boot Camp".