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Buying goods and services

All University expenditure must:

  • be for bona fide University purposes
  • be approved by the correct budget holder
  • have budget provision available (income must cover the budget).

This rule applies to all forms of expenditure, including invoices, petty cash, procurement, credit cards, fees and expenses, and to all sources of funds (including research grants and contracts) and all locations.

Paths to Payment (in order of preference)


Oracle iProc

The preferred method of buying goods/services


For all University related travel

Cash passport

The process for cash advances for University related business


To claim back smaller amounts spent on University related business

Petty cash

For incidental expenses under £50

Corporate credit card

Smaller (under £1,000), one off purchases

One-off payments

Where the other options above are not appropriate


For strategic advice on all procurement-related matters – or guidance on the latest terms and conditions or the University’s preferred suppliers – visit the Central Procurement Office website.

For all operational procurement matters including help with iProc and P2P, email the University Procurement Hub team.