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One in Two podcast – special episode

08 Feb 2024

Dr Emma Woodward and patient Nick Brown discuss hereditary cancer predisposition in our podcast’s latest special episode

Our One in Two podcast is a special episode featuring Dr Emma Woodward and patient Nick Brown, who discuss hereditary cancer predisposition and how can the ATLAS study can improve cancer early detection in carriers of Li Fraumeni Syndrome (LFS).

Nick has been diagnosed with LFS – a rare cancer predisposing condition that gives a 70% lifetime risk of developing cancer, caused by germline mutations in the TP53 gene. 

Nick talks about how this has affected him and his family, while Emma discusses the current screening process for LFS and the ATLAS study, which she runs in collaboration with the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research in Canada, aiming to change cancer detection in LFS.

The podcast is now live, and links can be found at: Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube (with video).

One in Two

World Cancer Day was held on Sunday (4 February). With one in two of us receiving a cancer diagnosis at some point during our lives, it has never been more important to improve the outcomes for people affected by cancer.

The podcasts, brought to you by our University in partnership with the Manchester Cancer Research Centre (MCRC), feature our cancer researchers discussing the innovations, discoveries and projects that are changing the landscape of early detection.

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