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Sustainable Futures Seminar Series – 24th March 2022

18 Mar 2022

The online seminars in this series will bring together researchers and key external stakeholders to discuss sustainability activity at UoM

The next event in the Sustainable Futures Seminar Series features Prof Allan Matthews, Professor of Surface Engineering and Tribology, Faculty of Science and Engineering and Dr David Jones, Medical Examiner and retired Consultant Surgeon at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.

Professor Allan Matthews |Towards Sustainability and Net Zero with Digitalised Surface Manufacturing: The role of the EPSRC DSM NetworkPlus

The DSM NetworkPlus is a £1million investment by the EPSRC to bring together the diverse expertise and capabilities in UK academia to enhance digitalisation in surface manufacturing sector. Their aim to capture and understand the current UK coating research and manufacturing framework and pump-prime digitalisation activity to move the sector forward towards Industry 4.0. In this talk Allan will discuss the role of the EPSRC Digitalised Surface Manufacturing NetworkPlus in working towards Sustainability and Net Zero with Digitalised Surface Manufacturing.

Dr David Jones | Greener operations: Sustainable Perioperative Care Peri-operative practice relates to care during and around the time of an operation

It covers care during the operation itself, as well as care before and after a surgical procedure – including consultations before an operation, and hospital care after an operation.

Operations are among the most resource-intensive healthcare interventions; each operating theatre creates around two tonnes of waste per year, and a single operation can generate a ‘carbon footprint’ equivalent to driving more than 2,000 miles. The NHS, which is responsible for four per cent of the UK’s national carbon footprint, has committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2040, with an interim 80 per cent reduction in emissions by 2032.

To achieve this target, peri-operative practice needs to become more environmentally sustainable, or ‘green’, in the future.

The aim of ‘Greener Operations PSP’ is to form a collaboration with patients, carers, healthcare professionals and the broader public to find out what are the most important areas to research to make operations more environmentally sustainable.