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Leading change effectively at the Library

13 Sep 2018

Staff Management and Leadership Development Networks equip Library colleagues to lead change - action from Staff Survey 2017

Main Library

Developing colleagues’ skills so that they can manage change effectively came out as a key positive action from Staff Survey 2017. The Library has been implementing activity to address this through their staff development networks to help Library staff embrace change.

In particular the Library introduced a ‘Leading Change’ session, delivered by Staff Learning and Development (SLD), as part of its Leadership Development Network (LDN) and Staff Management’ Forum (SMF).

LDN is open to Grade 5 Library colleagues and above with the aim of helping staff to develop leadership and management skills, encourage learning and networking between members and provide workshops and events on relevant topics.

Simon Bains, Interim University Librarian, said, “Following feedback in the University’s Staff Survey 2017 about the need for extra support in in managing change, we’ve been pleased to integrate this development area within LDN by running a number of sessions which have received positive feedback.”

This positive action from Staff Survey 2017 has been a huge success and will continue as part of the Library’s LDN programme.