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Approval of UREC Applications

To Apply for UREC Review

If you have determined that your research requires ethical review (you can verify this using the Ethics Decision Tool) and you have determined that this is via UREC then you will need to submit an application by completing the following steps:

  • Log into the ERM system and complete a new ethics application: For guidance on this process, please click here.
  • Ensure you SHARE the ethics application with your supervisor or colleagues to enable them to review the content.
  • Run the completeness checker to ensure all questions on the form are answered.
  • Sign the application form and request the signatures of your supervisor/stuents/colleagues.
  • Press the SUBMIT button to formally submit your application.
  • Your application will be sent to your designated Ethics Sigatory for review (please see the bottom of this page for a list of designated Ethics Signatories). Please note that this process can take 10 working days and you should plan accordingly for this timeframe.
  • Your signatory may make suggested revisions to your documents that they feel would strengthen your proposal.
  • Once finalised, your signatory will sign off on your application and submit it directly to Research Ethics for subsequent review at the next available UREC committee meeting 

Did you know that the UREC now offer a Proportionate review route for low risk projects? For more information please click here.

Have a query about the new ERM System? Consult our Frequently Asked Questions guide.

If you have any queries regarding this process or your application, please email and be sure to include the reference number and title of your submission.

List of Designated Ethics Signatories 




Contact Email


Arts, Language and Culture

Gemma Sou, Aya Homei 


Environment, Education and Development


Graeme Hutcheson, Michael O'donoghue, Cecilia Wong, Kate Rowlands



Aristea Koukiadaki, Bruce Wardhaugh, Søren Holm




Manchester Business School

Anne McBride, Nuno Gil


Social Sciences

Claire Alexander (for staff applications), Stuart Shields (PGR), Ken Clark (PGT/UG) 

Science & Engineering

Science & Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub

Danielle George


Science & Engineering

Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science

Krishna Persuad


Science & Engineering


Emma Reilly

Science & Engineering

Computer Science

Markel Vigo 

Science & Engineering

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Clare Robinson, David Polya


Science & Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

David Foster

Science & Engineering


Stuart Lyon, David Blundell, Ian Kinloch

Science & Engineering


William Lionheart


Science & Engineering

Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering

Clair Gough, Antonino Filippone, William Collinge


Science & Engineering

Physics and Astronomy

Sean Freeman, Mark Dickinson 

Biology, Medicine & Health

Cardiovascular Sciences

Andy Trafford 

Biology, Medicine & Health

Cell Matrix Biology & Regenerative Medicine

Tony Freemont, Adam Reid, Adrian Woolf

Email both signatories 

Biology, Medicine & Health


Anne-Marie Glenny

Biology, Medicine & Health

Developmental Biology & Medicine

Ian Crocker, Ed Johnstone


Biology, Medicine & Health

Diabetes, Endocrinology & Gastroenterology

 John Mclaughlin, Shaheen Hamdy


Biology, Medicine & Health

Evolution & Genomic Sciences

Siddharth Banka


Biology, Medicine & Health

Human Communication, Development & Hearing

Gina Conti-Ramsden, Kevin Munro, Chris Plack

Biology, Medicine & Health

Infection, Immunity & Respiratory Medicine

Rebecca Dearman, Mark Travis

Biology, Medicine & Health

Informatics, Imaging & Data Sciences

Neil Thacker


Biology, Medicine & Health

Medical Eduction

Doug Corfield, Jo Hart

Email both signatories

Biology, Medicine & Health

Molecular & Cellular Function

Dean Jackson


Biology, Medicine & Health

Molecular & Clinical Cancer Sciences

Mairead Mcnamara, Martin Mccabe  

Biology, Medicine & Health

Musculoskeletal & Dermatological Sciences

Deborah Symmons, Ian Evans

Biology, Medicine & Health

Neuroscience & Experimental Psychology

Neil Pendleton, Deborah Talmi, Steffie Abel

Biology, Medicine & Health

Nursing, Midwifery & Social Work

Ann Wakefield, Susan Kirk

Biology, Medicine & Health

Pharmacy & Optometry

Sarah Willis, Ruth Ledder, Denham Phipps (Pharmacy), Philip Morgan, Christine Dickinson (Optometry), Optometry: email Christine Dickinson

Biology, Medicine & Health

Population Health, Health Services Research & Primary Care

Christine Robinson, Martie Van Tongeren, Kelly Howells, Caroline Vass

Biology, Medicine & Health

Psychology & Mental Health

Gillian Haddock, Alison Wearden, Jenny Shaw Email all signatories 


If you have any queries related to the UREC process please email Research Ethics.

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