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Participants needed for online PhD study: The effect of ageing and lifetime occupational noise exposure on the function of the hearing nerve


Ethics ref : 2020-8884-13533


This is a study that looks into the effects of ageing and noise exposure from working in a noisy environment on the hearing capacity of older adults without a diagnosis of hearing loss.


Can you help?


To improve the early detection and diagnosis of hearing problems in older adults who have had a lifetime of noise exposure.


Am I eligible for the study?

To participate you must:

  • Be a native English speaker
  • Have no clinical diagnosis of hearing loss and not a user of hearing aids
  • Have no clinical diagnosis of memory problems
  • Be aged:

  18-35 years with minimal past exposure to both occupational and recreational noise.


  50-70 years with significant exposure to occupational noise (e.g. in a factory) with minimal use of hearing protection (e.g. ear defenders or ear plugs).

  50-70 years with minimal past exposure to occupational and recreational noise.


What will I need to do?

  • Complete online demographic and hearing health questionnaires and performing online hearing and memory tests.
  • If interested, the next optional stage of the study involves actual hearing testing at one of the University of Manchester’s audiology labs, here you will:

  Attend one testing session lasting 2 hours (when it is safe to carry out face-to-face testing)

Have your hearing tested to confirm it is normal, perform paper-based memory tests and do a series of tasks where you will be asked to recognize speech mixed in with other sounds. Finally, we will test your hearing using automatic tests to measure the function of your middle and inner ear as well as your hearing nerve.


Will I be reimbursed for my time and travel expenses?

You will be considered for an Amazon voucher prize draw upon completion of the online study. You will also be recompensed for your time and travel expenses for the lab-based testing on campus if you choose to take part in it.


How can I take part?

Click on the following link:

Contact details