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Participants needed for a running, sound and music pilot study


UREC ref: 2019-7644-11895


Participants are required for a research pilot study that investigates the influence of specific sounds and music on running performance, as well as a dynamic sound and music system that responds in real time to running performance.


We are seeking individuals who:


·      have at least some previous experience with running (able to run at least 1 km);


·      are aged 19 – 23 years;


·      have been physically active over the last 3 months;


·      are in good health and injury-free, with no history of cardiac disease;


·      do not suffer from any significant hearing impairment;


·      are fluent in the English language.


Your participation will involve your attendance at one ~90-minute session in the electroacoustic music studios (Martin Harris Centre) at the University of Manchester.  During this session, you will be asked to undertake a number of combined treadmill running and music listening tasks, as well as a series of interviews and questionnaires. Audio and video recordings will be made of participant running sessions and responses to questions.


If you are eligible and participate, you will receive an iTunes gift voucher upon completion of your ~90 minute session.



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