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Help Shape Parkinson's and ageing research


Health Research Authority (Ref. 19/NW/0094)




We are interested in how people with Parkinson’s disease behave when faced with different decisions, and how quickly they can respond to different pictures and objects. We will examine the ways in which people with Parkinson’s may be affected by these behaviours by comparing participants with Parkinson’s with healthy people of different ages. Additionally, we can examine how related behaviours may change in healthy ageing.


Volunteers both without Parkinson’s (aged 18-30 or 50-80) and with Parkinson’s (aged 50-80), and no history of other neurological disorders or mental health conditions (except depression and anxiety), are required



You will be required to take part in some tasks of decision making and response times on the computer as well as fill in some questionnaires about yourself and your thinking styles.



You will be reimbursed for any relevant expenses.







Contact details


Jade Pickering,