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Volunteers with diabetes needed for measuring foot temperature


University Ethics Committee ref: 2018-3953-7423



What is the aim? Diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) develop in over 7% of diabetes cases in the UK, and can develop to the point where the person has to have a lower limb amputated. We have developed a device that can continuously monitor the condition of the person’s feet and alert them to when they are most at risk of ulceration. We now need volunteers with diabetes to test the device.




What is involved? Two short visits are involved. During the first visit we will ask you to stand on a pressure mat for 5 to 10 minutes. During the second visit, we will give you a pair of specialist shoes that have our insole mounted inside to wear during the experiment. We will then ask you to wear the shoes whilst you are sitting and standing and the device will take measurements.




Who do we need? Volunteers with diabetes (either type 1 or type 2), aged over 18, with no diagnosis of foot ulceration.



Where, when and how long? We will be conducting the data collection at the Gait laboratory (Room A4, Pariser Building, University of Manchester) and we anticipate that testing will last approximately 90 minutes in total (comprising both first and second visit) (20 minutes + 60 minutes).



Contact details

Christopher Beach,