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British English native speakers needed for an EEG experiment


You are invited to take part in an EEG study investigating lexical processing and memory. This study looks at whether the way you think about words affects whether you remember having seen them recently. You will be invited to attend a single testing session lasting no more than 2 hours. We will show you words on a computer screen or we will present some words in the speakers and ask you to make judgements about each of them (e.g., Is the word interesting? Have you seen it before in the experiment?), which you will indicate by pressing the appropriate key on a keyboard. During the task you will wear an EEG cap and your brain response will be recorded.

Please only participate in this experiment if you:


- are a native British English speaker;

- are right-handed;

- are aged 16-35;

- have no history of neurological disorder (including photo-sensitive epilepsy);

- have normal or corrected-to-normal vision and hearing; 

- have no reading impairments (including dyslexia);

- are not on psychoactive medication (e.g., for mood disorders).

You will receive SEPS credits for your participation if you are a Psychology student or you will be compensated financially. If you are interested to take part, please get in touch with the researcher (email below).

Contact details

My contact details: Carmen Ionita (