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If you are planning to import anything from Russia or the non-government controlled Ukrainian terriority, please contact the Regulatory Compliance Team.

Licences and Certificates

The UK has left the EU and the transition period after Brexit comes to an end on 31 December 2020.

Please visit below the summary of licences, certificates and special rules for moving goods in or out of the UK:

Annual Compliance Training Update Event

The Compliance and Risk Office manages the annual Compliance training event, a half day programme in January/February with presentations focussing on roles and responsibilities of senior managers, including updates to legislation and University policies.

Annual Compliance Exercise 

The Compliance and Risk Office is also responsible for the annual Compliance Exercise which is completed by senior managers each summer.

Regulatory Summer & Winter Returns

There are a number of Governmental regulations that apply to research and other work carried out at the University. Some of these require personal or institutional licences or registration, and others require information to be submitted to the Government. In order to ensure compliance with these regulations, the University requests information from the Schools and research institutions twice a year in Summer and December.

The Summer returns are for general risk management and compliance monitoring, and request information on:

The Winter returns are for statutory purposes, gathering information for the University's reports on:


For security reasons, LabCup cannot be accessed from any computer off campus. Therefore, a remote access has to be set up to a University computer on campus to gain access to LabCup. The IT team has established a detailed procedure on how to connect to a University computer via Remote Desktop connection. Further help with remote access can be sought directly from IT service.

Once remote access has been set up to a University computer on campus, personal computer can be used from home to connect to the University computer and then to access LabCup from there.

Please contact the Regulatory Compliance Team if you require any further assistance.