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Risk Registers

Managing risks

It is important to score risks and identify control measures which are in place and to review these statements to satisfy yourself that they reflect reality for your School. If they do not, then please make changes as required (adjusting the risk score if appropriate).

It is important to reflect where you think a particular risk may be especially critical to your School, or where you have specific control measures in place (that will of course reduce the risk score).

The next stage is to identify additional risks that are specific to your School.  The majority of risks are already well managed, but it is important to note those activities that have the potential to have a significant impact on the School.

An important part of the process, and one that is of particular value to you as Head of School, is to identify any risks that you are unable to control effectively at School level. The risk register is then a vehicle for escalating such risks to Faculty/University level, where appropriate mitigation strategies can be determined.

Recording and scoring risks

For information about recording and scoring risks visit: