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Domain names

All University-related websites should use sub-domains of the '' name. In cases in which a website is a joint venture or collaboration with an external organisation, a different domain can be used.

Sub-domains should be as descriptive as possible of the University activity/department they represent, for example or

Websites and blogs developed on the University's Wordpress platform will get a sub-domain of the formats: or

Microsites developed on the Staffnet website will get a sub-domain of the format:

The Division of Communications and Marketing is responsible for approving all sub-domains requests. Faculty-related sub-domains require preliminary approval by the local Faculty digital teams.

For requesting sub-domains use:

Marketing URLs

Relevant pages on University-related websites can use alternative shorter URLs  called marketing URLs  as a direct way to get to them. Marketing URLs can be used on promotional/marketing materials both on digital media and printed publications.

Marketing URLs for digital media 

If using a marketing URL on digital media that redirects to the corporate website or another external-facing University website, the marketing URL should have either of these formats:

    • Example:
    • This marketing URL may redirect to a page on the central domain such as  or a subdomain such as or 
    • It requires approval from the Division of Communications and Marketing
    • Example:
    • This URL should only redirect to a page within the same subdomain such as
    • It does not require approval from the Division of Communications and Marketing

If using a marketing URL that redirects to an internal-facing website, the marketing URL should have format:

    • Example:
    • This URL may redirect to pages within the Staffnet site such as or internal-facing content on other sub-domains such as
    • It requires approval from the the Division of Communications and Marketing.

To obtain a marketing URL or change the destination of an existing marketing URL with either of the formats above, please email:

Before requesting a marketing URL to use on digital media, please check the up-to-date list below. In cases where the marketing URL you need, or a similar version, already exists, consider using the established marketing URL before asking for a new one. If you want to change the destination of an existing marketing URL, please contact the digital team that 'owns' that marketing URL (usually the team that updates the website the marketing URL redirects to) before making your request.

Marketing URLs for printed publications 

The University has acquired the licence for ClickMeter for creating marketing URLs to be used on printed publications such as prospectuses, leaflets, posters, pop-up banners, etc. The format for these marketing URLs is:


Find out how to create marketing URLs for printed publications.

Marketing URLs best practice

Marketing URLs used on digital media and printed publications should ideally be a single whole meaningful English word, or multiple words, which can be separated by hyphens for clarity. They should comply with the following principles:

  • Be all lower case and avoid any punctuation except a hyphen where necessary (no spaces, dots or underscore characters).
  • Only use acronyms and abbreviations if they are familiar to the audience.
  • Clearly convey the specific facet of the University the website represents.
  • Be memorable (a long memorable word is better than an abbreviation that is hard to remember).
  • Be a folder not a filename, to avoid users having to worry about file endings (eg use not or

For more information on marketing URLs please contact