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Domain names

All University-related websites should use sub-domains of the '' name. In cases in which a website is a joint venture or collaboration with an external organisation, a different domain can be used.

Sub-domains should be as descriptive as possible of the University activity/department they represent, for example or

Websites and blogs developed on the University's Wordpress platform will get a sub-domain of the formats: or

Microsites developed on the Staffnet website will get a sub-domain of the format:

The Division of Communications and Marketing is responsible for approving all sub-domains requests. Faculty-related sub-domains require preliminary approval by the local Faculty digital teams.

Requests for sub-domains should be sent to:

Marketing URLs

Relevant pages on University-related websites can use marketing URLs as a short and direct way to get to them. Marketing URLs can be used on promotional/marketing materials. 

External-facing websites can use marketing URLS of the formats:

Internal-facing websites can use marketing URLs of the format:

Marketing URLs should ideally be a single whole meaningful English word, or multiple words, which can be separated by hyphens for clarity. They should comply with the following principles:

  • Be all lower case and avoid any punctuation except a hyphen where necessary (no spaces, dots or underscore characters).
  • Only use acronyms and abbreviations if they are familiar to the audience.
  • Clearly convey the specific facet of the University the website represents.
  • Be memorable (a long memorable word is better than an abbreviation that is hard to remember).
  • Be a folder not a filename, to avoid users having to worry about file endings (eg use not or

To obtain a marketing URL, site owners should: