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University crest

Our crest embodies the prestige and history of The University of Manchester and may therefore only be used in the following contexts:

  • On graduation and other ceremonial materials
  • On marketing material for alumni. Requests for this use to:
  • On sports kits and on other Athletic Union materials. Requests for this use to:
  • Within University building interiors if permanent branding is needed and it forms part of the building’s fabric. Please refer to the building signage strategy for further guidance. Requests for this use to: 

The full-colour crest must only appear on a white panel. Never position the full-colour version directly onto a dark background or other imagery. The single-colour crest can be used on a white or coloured background.

Please note that the individual elements of the University crest – the bee, the sun and the lion – must not be used as stand-alone illustrations.

Full-colour crest
Black on a white background crest
Black on a white background
White on purple background crest
White on purple background