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Social media guidelines

These guidelines will help you adopt the University's visual identity and branding on popular social media platforms. For more information on channels, governance and best practice, please visit our social media guidance pages.

Account images

Follow these recommendations when choosing images for your account profiles:

  • Have a uniform identity – use the same or similar imagery across all your social channels.
  • Use images that are consistent with the University brand. Please consult our photography guidelines for more information on the images you could use.
  • Use images that best represent your department or institution – for example a University building, teaching, learning and social areas, or photos from inside a laboratory or equivalent research space. 
  • Use the correct image sizes for each social network (see below table – updated July 2018). Recommended image editing tools include: Adobe Photoshop (requires Creative Cloud licence, available via IT or

Account names

Follow these recommendations when naming your account profiles: Social media naming profile guidance (260KB)

Profile photos

We recommend that you use a distinctive image for your profile photo instead of the University logo/sub-brand logo. This will help differentiate your account from others within the University. A profile photo could show the interior or exterior of a University building; for example, teaching, learning, research or social areas. 

If you decide to use The University of Manchester logo as your profile photo, make sure you use the single colour version which is easier to read in most cases. Please note that the exclusion zone and core elements of the logo should be respected. Refer to our logo guidelines for more information. 

Examples of best practice are:

Download the University logo and profile-sized photos of interior and exterior University buildings (images from Third Light) for:

Slideshow of best-practice examples at the University

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2 / 4
3 / 4
4 / 4

Cover/header photos

Cover/header photos fill a large area of space – ensure you upload a high-resolution image. Use an image that positively represents your department or subject, following the examples above for profile photos. It's good practice to use cover photos that are free of text. If you're using an image with text, test the cover on several devices such as desktop, mobile and tablet to ensure all of the text is visible. It's recommended that you refresh your cover photos at least every three months. The central social media team refresh the University’s Facebook and Twitter headers at the start of each month to reflect campaigns or time periods in the academic term. 

On Facebook Pages, videos can be used as cover headers. The content pays on a loop and is visible to users visiting your Facebook page. The videos last a maximum of 90 seconds and meet the minimum dimension sizes listed in the table below.   

Examples of best practice are:

Download cover-sized photos of interior and exterior University buildings (images from Third Light):

Recommended image sizes for social media

The following are the recommended minimum dimensions and aspect ratios for images used in social media (measurements are in pixels).

Cover photo: 851x315 (or ratio 3:1)
Profile photo: 180x180 (or ratio 1:1)
Video cover: 820x312, 20 seconds minimum, 90 seconds maximum
Tab: 111x74 (or ratio 2:1)
Link image: 1200x627 (or ratio 2:1)
Shared image: 1200x1200 (or ratio 1:1)

Header: 1500x500 (or ratio 3:1)
Profile photo: 400x400 (or ratio 1:1)
Shared photo: 1024x512 (or ratio 2:1)
In-stream photo preview: 220x440 (or ratio 1:2)

Profile photo: 110x110 (or ratio 1:1)
Image viewed on desktop in lightbox as 612x612 (or ratio 1:1)
Image feed: 510x510 (or ratio 1:1)

Instagram stories
Story photo: 1080x1920 (or ratio 9:16)
Story video: 1920x1080 (or ratio 16:9)

LinkedIn showcase pages
Standard logo:100x60 (or ratio 2:1)
Square logo: 50x50 (or ratio 1:1)
Banner image: 646x220 (or ratio 3:1)
Shared image size limit: 100MB

Story content (images and video): 1080x1920 (or ratio 9:16)
Geofilter: 1080x1920 (or ratio 9:16)

Profile photo: 600x600 (or ratio 1:1)
Board thumbnail: 222x150 (or ratio 1:1)
Pin: 600xinfinite


For more information or guidance on using social media at The University of Manchester, please contact the local representatives listed below. 


Alistair Beech

Senior Social Media Coordinator

Division of Communications and Marketing

Harry Newton

Social Media Coordinator

Division of Communications and Marketing

Justin Wilson

Marketing and Campaigns Manager

Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health


Rakhi Sinha

Faculty Marketing Officer

Faculty of Humanities

Natalie Bauer

Social Media officer

Faculty of Science and Engineering 

Patrick Crich

Digital Marketing Officer

Student Communications and Marketing

Carl Jeffreys

Digital Content Coordinator

Library Marketing Services

Tom Fern

Senior Communications Officer

Division of Development and Alumni Relations

For general enquiries please email or call 58157.