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Printed publications guidelines

University-related printed publications must:

Positioning of the logo in print

In a printed publication the logo should ideally be located top left and have an x-height exclusion zone on every side. The dimensions of the exclusion zone are given by the size of the publication and logo. 

logo positioning - img

Logo sizes in publications

When designing a printed publication, be sure to reproduce the University logo in the dimensions set out below. 

Publication sizeScaleLogo widthLogo heightx height
A3 (297x420mm) 125% 57.50mm 24.317mm


A4 (210x297mm) 100% 46.006mm 19.454mm 14.279mm
A5 (148x210mm) 100% 46.006mm 19.454mm 14.279mm
A6 (105x148mm) 80% 36.805mm 15.563mm 11.423mm
A7 (74x105mm) 60% 27.604mm 11.672mm 8mm
Business cards 60% 27.604mm 11.672mm 8mm

The logo should never appear smaller than 60%.

Royal charter and FSC accreditation

The Royal Charter number and University’s registered address should be included in each printed publication, preferably on the back:

The University of Manchester
Oxford Road
M13 9PL
United Kingdom
Royal Charter RC000797

Ideally, all publications should be printed on FSC accredited paper. Place the FSC accreditation logo on the back of the publication. For more information, visit:

Back of printed publications
Back of printed publications


Should you want any further information about printed publications, please contact