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Our brand

Our brand is what we stand for and the commitment we make to our students, colleagues and partners. It reflects our vision and values and what makes Manchester distinctive.

Through our brand narrative and visual identity, we demonstrate that we are The University of Manchester – a global institution with a proud history of pioneering discovery and innovation, acting with social responsibility as the foundation of all that we do.

To communicate our ethos and shape our image, our brand proposition must be clearly defined, simple to express and easy to understand. This starts with our brand narrative – an inspiring statement that captures our personality and highlights our strengths. It’s designed to underpin all communications, marketing and student recruitment activity, anchoring them to our brand and University values.

Brand narrative

The world is facing big challenges right now. Challenges that demand bold answers and urgent action.

The way we see it, the organisations with the greatest scale and influence have the biggest responsibility to act.

We were founded to make a positive impact on the community we’re part of. Pioneering spirit and social responsibility are in our DNA, and that of the city we’re proud to call home.

For generations, we’ve given the world new ideas, insights and innovations. We look forwards and outwards, working across disciplinary and geographic boundaries, bringing together brilliant minds to do things that matter.

Now the challenges are greater than ever – but so is our resolve.

Whatever stands in front of us, we find a way.

Because if not us, then who?

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