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The University campus

Our brand

Our brand reflects our values and differentiates us from our competitors. Through our visual identity and tone of voice, we demonstrate that we are The University of Manchester – the UK’s most popular university with a history of world-changing discovery and innovation .

Our academic excellence and can-do attitude combine to make us a force for positive change. Driving innovation and enterprise on a global scale, our people make things happen and our actions make a difference.

Nobel Prize winner Professor Andre Geim chose to conduct his research here because of the speed with which we could set up the state-of-the-art laboratory he needed. We want to inspire others to join us – our brand helps us to do this.

To communicate our ethos and shape our image, our brand proposition must be clearly defined, simple to express and easy to understand.

Key messages

Our history: a spirit of innovation

Splitting the atom, building the world’s first stored-program computer, isolating the properties of graphene. It’s in our character to find new ways forward, whether that’s pioneering education for workers in the 19th century, appointing the UK’s first black professor or equipping today’s graduates to tackle society’s biggest challenges.

Our size: an unrivalled scale

As one of the UK's largest single-site universities, we have a fantastic breadth of knowledge that enables a unique cross-pollination of skills and disciplines. Our campus combines historic grandeur with brand-new multimillion-pound facilities, alive with the buzz of our huge student population.

Our reach: globally influential

Our campus is a truly diverse international community, welcoming students and staff from all corners of the globe. Overseas, we connect with an ever-increasing network of alumni, businesses, research partners and governments. Study here, meet the world; work here and the world is your research partner.

Our impact: making a difference

We stimulate our staff, students and alumni to learn, grow and get involved. Whether it's providing local residents with employment and training opportunities or addressing global inequalities, we empower our people to make a positive difference in everything they do.

Our city: industrious, inventive, international

As the first and most eminent of the civic universities, we’re part of the fabric of the city of Manchester – the original modern city. This is a thriving multicultural metropolis with creative energy and determination in abundance. Here, revolutions find their heart and soul, ideas defy convention, actions change society.