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HERA Role Profile Explained

As part of the job evaluation process a HERA Role Profile is produced for all roles undertaken by PS staff through the use of job evaluation software. The profile itself is made up of a series of headings in which alphabetical letters are generated that equate to an overall numerical point score. However, the profile does not specify actual tasks/duties undertaken in the role and does not act as a replacement for a job description.

Individuals may request to see the HERA Role Profile assigned to their own role but not that of other individuals/roles. To request to do so, you will need to contact your People and OD Partner.

HERA Role Profile Explained

Academic staff

Academic (including Research) roles are assigned to an Academic Role Profile that has been agreed with reference to the National Library of Academic Role Profiles (NLARP) and within the academic job families set out in the NLARP.

Please click on the links below for the NLARP Manchester Academic Role Profiles:

Research Academic Role Profiles

Teaching and Research Academic Roles Profiles

Teaching and Scholarship Academic Role Profiles


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