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TA Admins Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions People & Organisational Development (P&OD) often receive from our TA Administrators, with answers and where to go for more information.  This is a new page that we are keen to develop further; please let us know what questions you would like to see answered here by emailing to

Where is the SharePoint site for adding TAs?

The SharePoint site is being migrated to the current version. It is held at: . The SharePoint site is now being used as an archive and there is no requirement to upload current TAs to the site.

If you need to be added as a TA Administrator for the site though, please contact:

I am a new TA Admin; what training is available?

A training guide in how to add a TA to the Sharepoint site is available at:

Another TA Admin in your Faculty will be able to explain the process for submitting adjustments to P&OD.  See here for a list of TA Admins.

Support from P&OD is also available by emailing or by contacting your Employment Services Team on Zoom, Teams or by phone.  Contact details for your Employment Services team are here.

How do I amend a TA's hourly rate on Sharepoint?

For 2021, you do not need to amend the salary point for a returning TA as People & OD Systems have identified those eligible for incremental progression and applied the appropriate uplift.

However, if you are amending the hourly rate for another reason please note the following:

  • Your People & OD Partner should have approved the business case for appointing above the minima/uplifting an existing TA's salary point.
  • You cannot amend the rate after they have been set up on Payroll, so check with before making any changes.
  • You should go into current TA list, select TA and edit form and press save.  This will generate a new email appointment to the TA confirming the amended salary point.




How can I check if a TA is set up on Payroll?

We update Sharepoint as we process TAs through the P&OD team into pay.  By checking Sharepoint you can view the following statuses:

  • ‘ESA RL Updated’ means Employment Services have set them up and sent the paperwork to payroll.
  • ‘ESSA RL Updated’ means Payroll have done the final set up. 

Can someone work as a TA after they have completed their PhD?

Yes as long as approved by the School and the School's People Partner.

Note that if the TA is on a visa there are different restrictions on the hours they can work before and after completion of their PhD.

What are the sickness absence provisions for TAs?

Under the University’s local agreement with the University and College Union (UCU) on the terms and conditions governing the employment of Teaching Assistants (TAs), the sick pay provisions are as follows: 

1. If you are absent from work due to sickness or injury you will be eligible to receive sick pay in accordance with the terms and conditions handbook (StaffNet).

2. In the event of short-term absence due to illness you should attempt to arrange a for a suitably qualified colleague to undertake your teaching on an exchange or swap basis subject to obtaining verbal approval of your discipline head in order that contractual hours of work can still be fulfilled, and, in these circumstances, the absence will not be treated as a period of sickness absence.

3. The payment of sick pay is subject to your compliance with the University's procedures for the notification and verification of sickness absence, which are set out in the Sickness Policy and failure to comply with these procedures may also disqualify you from receiving SSP. Any payment made to you under this provision will include any statutory sick pay (SSP) due from the University. The University sick pay will be reduced by the amount of any social security benefits or damages from a third party recoverable by you (whether or not recovered) in respect of your illness or injury.