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Reviewing Performance

Regular reviewing of performance is a key component of employee development. Through 1-to-1s and annual performance reviews, employees are supported to achieve their potential and deliver in their roles.

Performance and Development Review (P&DR)

P&DR meetings are the single most important way in which the University ensures that each and every individual is able to perform to the best of their abilities and fulfil their professional aims and ambitions.

The purpose of these reviews is to:

  • Assess the progress/achievements against objectives and the development plan.
  • Recognise your team members’ accomplishments.
  • Adjust objectives as appropriate, or discuss upcoming objectives and development requirements.

Make sure you are well prepared by following the points on the checklist below. Also, ask your employee to prepare so that they take equal ownership for discussing their performance.

Key areas for you to focus on before the review meeting:

  • Review the objectives and the development plan for your employee.
  • What have been their key achievements?
  • How have you seen them develop their skills and increase their contribution to the team?
  • What feedback do you want to give them? Consider and plan how you will do this.
  • What are their potential objectives and development areas for the next year?
  • What feedback do you think the employee may have for you?

For full details on our P&DR purpose and process, please see the University pages here: Performance & development reviews