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Standard templates

Most University websites are developed using standard templates which correctly incorporate the University's visual identity in relation to use of the logo, typography, colour palette, header and footer and page elements. The templates are available in both T4's SiteManager and Wordpress. 

University website

The Division of Communications, Marketing and Student Recruitment is responsible for updating and developing the main University website ( The website uses T4's SiteManager templates and its design cannot be copied or replicated elsewhere without prior authorisation. For more information contact

Corporate site

Faculty-related and research websites

Faculty-related and research websites use templates developed in T4's SiteManager or Wordpress in line with approved Faculty processes and priorities.  Requests for updates and proposals for new websites should be submitted to the relevant Faculty digital team.

FSE template
FSE template
Humanities template
Humanities template
BMH template
BMH template

Other websites

University-related websites that are not research or teaching-focused and/or not linked to a specific Faculty should still adhere to University's visual guidelines in relation to use of the logo, typography and colour palette. A standard template is not available for these websites and different design options are possible.  Proposals for new websites should be submitted to the relevant digital team.

The Whitworth
The Whitworth website


Blogs use Wordpress templates in the relevant Faculty design. If a blog is not linked to a Faculty, it will use a neutral template. Requests for blogs should be sent to the relevant digital team.

Faculty-related blog (FSE)
Faculty-related blog (FSE)
Non Faculty-related blog
Non Faculty-related blog

Staff intranet

Staffnet ( is the University intranet and is developed using T4's SiteManager templates. Department content that is staff-facing can be organised in microsites on a folder of the Staffnet site (example:  Proposals for new Staffnet microsites should be sent to

Main Staffnet site
Main Staffnet site
People and Organisational Development Staffnet microsite

Student websites

MyManchester is the University's student portal and the primary access point for student emails, timetables, and Blackboard. In 2017, it was access by students more than 14 million times. News and feature content is segmented to academic level on the homepage, and signposts out to the student news website and a number of microsite, including:

Both the My Manchester portal and the microsites use T4’s SiteManager templates. The MyManchester and microsites design must not be copied or replicated elsewhere without prior authorisation. Enquiries should be made to

Non-branded websites

On occasions in which a website is a joint venture or collaboration with external organisations, University visual guidelines don't necessarily apply. In these cases, a non-branded Wordpress template is available but other design options could be considered.  Proposals for non-branded websites should be submitted to the relevant digital team.

Non branded websites
Non branded websites (example)