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Induction and transitional support

The University has developed 'the Manchester Induction Framework', the purpose of which is to guide those responsible for implementing student induction and supporting students as they encounter the various transition points inherent in their programme of study and/or life at the University of Manchester.

The phrase 'induction' is taken to include all activities aimed at introducing the student to the University and its communities and to include activities which are intended to support students in making key transitions throughout their programme of study and/or life at the University of Manchester.

High quality induction and transitional support provides the foundation for a successful and satisfying experience at University. It is known to be key in supporting student retention by fostering an environment within which the student feels supported and able to access help to overcome difficulties they may encounter.

Articulating 'principles' of induction to be adopted by The University of Manchester is intended to clarify the purpose and shape of induction and to help Schools design and implement more effective programmes for induction. Schools are encouraged to develop these principles for their own purposes in accordance with the requirements of their own disciplines/subject areas.

Peer Support

Many schools already have in place schemes of Peer Support that contribute to induction and promote the integration of new students. Generally such schemes have been shown to make a valuable contribution to Induction and all Schools are encouraged to consider introducing them.

Further advice about Peer Support is available from Isabella Fairclough in the Division of Teaching, Learning and Student Development (TLSD) at: