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Guidance on lecture shout-outs


1. Lecture ‘shout outs’ are announcements made before, during or after lectures, either by students attending the lecture or by students, or staff members who have requested permission to make a specific announcement. The purpose of this guidance is to set down some basic considerations around etiquette and suitability of ‘shout outs’.


2. ’Shout outs’ should only take place if the content of the announcement directly relates to University teaching and learning matters and is relevant to students attending the lecture, for example, information about student events, student representation activities, meetings relevant to students, etc.

3. Individuals wishing to make a lecture ‘shout out’ should seek the permission of the relevant lecturer prior to the lecture taking place. They should give details of the content of the announcement they wish to make, who the message is aimed at and approximately how long the ‘shout out’ is likely to take. A lecturer must give permission in order for the ‘shout out’ to take place.

4. If the lecturer feels that the content of the ‘shout out’ is not relevant to the majority of the students attending the lecture, they are able to decline the request for the ‘shout out’ to take place.


A full PDF version of the guidance can be found at:


 January 2018