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Recording and monitoring student attendance, engagement and wellbeing

Details can be found below of the various University documents which cover the recording and monitoring of student attendance, engagement and wellbeing, which were last updated in November 2021

General Regulation XX - Monitoring Attendance, Engagement and Wellbeing of Students

The following text is taken from General Regulation XX (revised in November 2021):

"Each School determines the attendance requirements for each programme it provides and sets the criteria for indicating when non-attendance or non-engagement has become a concern. These requirements and criteria will take account of the mode of study.

Programme/Student Handbooks, both printed and online, and any relevant websites must include a clear statement of attendance or engagement requirements and how attendance/engagement is recorded and monitored.

Handbooks and websites must also include a statement on the consequences and penalties for students who fail to meet academic and professional attendance or engagement requirements.

They must also include information on sources of advice and support available to students if they are experiencing problems with attendance."

Policy on Recording and Monitoring Student Attendance and Engagement

The Policy was updated in November 2021 with the intention of providing:

"clarity in relation to the University’s expectations of recording and monitoring student attendance and engagement, to ensure that the University proactively monitors student wellbeing, supports academic performance and meets any relevant external body requirements with regards to Undergraduate, Taught Postgraduate and Postgraduate Research students."

Guidelines for Monitoring Student Attendance and Engagement

Information for Schools about monitoring student attendance and guidelines on monitoring attendance can be found below. These guidelines include setting out attendance expectations, monitoring students' engagement, recording and reporting, as well as example templates for Schools to use.

The guidelines also take into account the Student Attendance system (piloted in 2021 and rolled out in the 2021/22 academic year) as part of the engagement monitoring project.

Guidance on Monitoring the Attendance and Wellbeing of Undergraduate Students Abroad

Student Recruitment and International Development Division have produced Guidance on Monitoring the Attendance and Wellbeing of Undergraduate Students Abroad, to cover students whilst away from the University on international placements. For any queries relating to this, please contact Caroline Whitehand.