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Celebrating Our Teaching

University of Manchester Teaching Excellence Awards

The University of Manchester Teaching Excellence Awards are made in recognition of significant and sustained commitment to excellence in the delivery and/or support of teaching and learning at UG or PGT level. You can read more about the awards here.

In 2020/2021 Dr Holly Morse, from the Department of Religions and Theology, was awarded a Teaching Excellence Award for Inclusive Teaching.

Previous award winners from SALC include Daniel Langton (2006), Elena Polisca and Max Jones (2008), Joseph McGonagle (2009), Jerome de Groot and Guyda Armstrong (2010), and Hannah Cobb (2018).   

Faculty of Humanities Outstanding Staff Awards

The Outstanding Staff Awards for Teaching, Learning and Student Experience are run by the Faculty of Humanities with the aim of recognising excellence in teaching and student experience. Students can nominate staff members in 7 different categories, and in 2020/2021 we are very proud that 39 members of SALC staff are represented in 6 of these. They are as follows: 

Outstanding Teaching

  • Alexandre Burin
  • Andrew Smith
  • Anke Bernau
  • Antoine Burgard
  • David Butler
  • Dorit Fellner
  • Ed Pulford
  • Emma Martin
  • Holly Morse
  • Jose Peixoto Coelho de Souza
  • Joyce Tyldesley
  • Liam Harte
  • MaoHui Deng
  • Melanie Giles
  • Michael Sanders
  • Nicky Nielsen
  • Stefan Hanss
  • Vera Hohaus

Outstanding Academic Advisor

  • Alison Jeffers
  • Andrew Smith
  • Daniel Langton
  • Jenny Hughes
  • John McAuliffe
  • Kostas Arvanitis
  • Melanie Giles
  • Rebecca Herissone
  • Stephanie Sodero

Outstanding UG Dissertation Supervisor

  • Hal Gladfelder
  • Matthew Jefferies
  • Miriam Firth
  • Vera Hohaus

Outstanding PGT supervisor

  • Alexander Samely
  • Antoine Burgard
  • Camden Reeves
  • Jessica Hawkins

Outstanding technology enhanced learning

  • Alison Sharrock 
  • Antoine Burgard 
  • David Butler 
  • Joyce Tyldesley 

Programme of the year

  • MA Religions and Theology (SALC)