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Research policies

A number of guidelines and procedures are available regarding staff research at the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures.

Please see the links below to these research policy documents.


All travel must be booked via Key Travel and currently requires a risk assessment prior to booking. This includes UK Trips.

Please see the SLT approval procedure that currently has to be taken in advance of spending any monies. This is noted in the PRA document in the above link. This current procedure means no monies can be spent prior to SLT approval.

Intent to apply form

Everyone applying for external research funding should complete the ‘intent to apply’ form. This ensures that the research office can keep a schedule of grant applications and assign officers and grant writers to assist with completing the application. This also ensures that all those intending to apply for external funding have consulted and been approved by their head of department and research co-ordinator. The primary point of contact is your research coordinator, and it is with departmental research coordinators that the SALC research office communicates, in the first stages of an application.

While some calls for funding applications have a short turn-around time, the vast majority allow for a significant amount of development time. Larger grant (£100k plus) applications are more complex and take much longer to complete: these need external refereeing and will need mentor support outside of your department.

The research office will assign you support once your intention to submit form has been processed. We carry out a regular survey of who might be thinking of completing applications for larger grants and advise working on these for some months before the research office submission dates.

Our grant writers are assigned to larger grant applications, but can offer advice otherwise, although this has to be sought directly via the manager of the research office. Grants under £100K are mostly developed at departmental level, but you are advised to seek advice when putting these smaller grants together: you should make use of your research coordinator’s expertise and the expertise of those who have been awarded funding previously.

  • The intent to apply form should be completed for each research application.
  • RO timelines for notifying RO for support are as follows: 
    • Grants up to £50k: 5 week, OR 6 weeks if the grant involves a partner institution
    • Grants from £50k to £100k: 6 week notice OR 7 weeks if the application involves an international partner 
    • Grants from £100k to £1 million: 8 week notice
    • Grants of £1 million +: 3 month notice and these will require Faculty approval.

Costing, pricing and proposal approval

The following documents contain information about the University's new costing and pricing policy and research proposal approval form.

The research proposal approval form will be completed by the Research Support Office and sent to the applicant to complete relevant sections and to sign as the proposal progresses.  Once the proposal is in its final stages this will then be sent by the Research Support Office for signatures.  The form must not be completed by the person submitting the proposal.  

The Research Support Office will advise applicants on costings, eligibility, research proposal approval form, internal deadlines and submission process as per funder rules, as required.

In addition to contacting the Research Support Office, the applicant must notify their subject research coordinator of their intent to apply and obtain their approval as early as possible in the proposal writing process.