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Teaching and learning

A number of policies are available regarding teaching and learning at the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures.

Mitigating circumstances

Mitigating circumstances are personal or medical circumstances which are unforeseeable and unpreventable that could have a significant adverse effect a student's academic performance.

Submitting an application

The School has an online application for mitigating circumstances, which can be accessed here:  

For further information relating to the School and University Mitigating Circumstances procedures please refer to the following:

Supporting evidence

Before the Mitigating Circumstances Committee can consider an application, a student must also provide supporting evidence.  This evidence should either be submitted in person to Room A15 Samuel Alexander Building or by email to  Supporting evidence should be submitted within 14 days of the application being made.  If there is likely to be a delay in being able to provide evidence (eg. Doctor's letter), a student should be advised to submit their application immediately and contact us on confirm that their evidence will follow shortly.  Students will be sent one reminder by email to provide their evidence, but if the evidence is not received the application is likely to be rejected.

If a student is registered with the University Disability Advisory and Support Service (DASS), and their application relates directly to circumstances arising from their disability, it is not usually necessary for them to provide supporting evidence.  Instead, they should indicate clearly on their application that they are DASS registered.

Submitting an application and final deadlines for applications

Assessed coursework

Ideally an application should be submitted before the deadline for the assessed coursework has passed.  The Mitigating Circumstances Committee will not normally accept applications submitted more than a week after the assessment deadline has passed.

Examinations/other assessment

Ideally an application should be submitted before or on the date of the examination(s) or assessment(s). If a student is unable to submit their application before or on the date of the examination(s) or assessment(s), they should provide reasons as to why the application has been submitted late on their form.

The final deadlines for receipt of applications relating to examination periods in the 2017-18 academic year are as follows:

  • January examination period: Wednesday 31 January 2018
  • May/June examination period: Friday 8 June 2018
  • August examination period: Tuesday 4 September 2018

The online application form will close at midnight on the dates listed.  If you a student wished to make a request to submit an application after the deadline has passed they must provide a compelling reason for not having applied by the deadline.  Please encourage them to contact for further advice.

Advising students about mitigating circumstances

Please note that, unless your circumstances prevent you from doing so, you should continue working on your assessment, and if possible submit it, whilst you wait for the decision of the Committee. Awaiting the decision on the outcome of your application cannot be used as a reason for not submitting coursework if your circumstances permit you to do so (eg. you have recovered from a short term illness).

Mitigating circumstances

Please see the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures Academic malpractice guidelines and protocols document