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Academic malpractice - including plagiarism

The Academic Malpractice Procedure (owned by the Division of Campus Life) was revised and updated for September 2019. This document contains general academic malpractice guidelines and information for staff members on handling cases of plagiarism and academic malpractice:

The updated document has also encompassed information which was previously contained within separate guidance documents from the TLSD (former TLSO) regarding Guidance to students on plagiarism and other forms of academic malpractice, and Plagiarism and other forms of academic malpractice - guidance for teaching staff.

The MLE student plagiarism course ( has been updated to reflect the student guidance, so students can be signposted to this for information and guidance.

Any queries relating to the updated Academic Malpractice Procedure should be addressed to Matt Valentine (Student Conduct and Discipline Manager) (

Other useful information

A resources page on the avoidance of plagiarism and academic malpractice is also available (aimed at staff use) which contains links to the main University guidance documents relating to plagiarism and academic malpractice and also provides links to other useful internal and external information, including School training modules for students on good academic practice and avoidance of plagiarism.