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SALC Step Challenge 2021

21 Jan 2021

SALC PS staff in 6-week step challenge competition

A 6-week 'step challenge' initiative has been launched to promote wellbeing and to encourage colleagues to get active outdoors away from their screens. 


The challenge started on Monday 18 January and will end on 28 February.
It’s a 7-day / 6-week challenge, so weekends count too.


Teams are ranked by the average number of steps for all members of that team. This means that teammates with zero steps during a challenge will lower the score of the entire team, which is why encouraging teammates to stay active throughout the challenge is so important!

What do ‘steps’ include?
All activity which includes taking steps. Walking, running and any sports which your tracker can record!


The overall winning team at the end of the 6 week challenge will be presented with a trophy. Good luck to all the teams involved!