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Health and Safety Update (SALC)

11 Dec 2017

Keep up to date with local health and safety procedures

Review of SALC Health and Safety policy

The SALC Health and Safety policy is currenlty being reviewed and updated and as result, our local health and safety procedures.
There will be further briefings where updates are made, as well as support and guidance to ensure that all SALC staff are kept up to date with any developments and are confident with the health and safety processes in place.

Emergency First Aid At Work training

A bespoke first aid course was arranged for SALC employees (29 November 2017) due to popular demand.
As a result, the first aid notices will be updated around the SALC buildings to reflect the new additions to our designated first aiders.
We will be reviewing the demand for this training going forward and considering further bespoke courses.
To express an interest please contact

Automatic External Defibrillator in Samuel Alexander

There is going to be a new AED installed in the south reception of Samuel Alexander Building.
This will be reflected on the interactive university map.