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If you are now considering the important decision to retire you will need to know all your options.

We are able to support you by providing pension statements for you based on the scenarios you are considering for retirement. Please email us for further information:

Other information

Important information can be found in the Retirement Policy and People & OD's guidance document on Retirement & employment options after age 55. Our retirement pages explain the practical processes including:

  • Notice periods
  • Pre-retirement courses
  • Pre-retirement leave

You also have the opportunity to continue working and take some of your pension at the same time, this is known as flexible retirement. This option does need the consent of the University before any changes can be made.

Important retirement dates

The University does not have a fixed retirement age.

Normal Retirement

Currently to retire at age 66 which is your scheme’s normal retirement date.

Early Retirement

You can apply to take your pension from as early as age 55, (dependent on scheme specific service rules). Retiring early results in your pension being reduced accordingly.

Late Retirement

Retiring after your normal scheme retirement date. Your benefits maybe increased to reflect the late retirement.

Flexible Retirement

Can be taken from age 55 with the consent of the University. You can take a proportion of your benefits, however your contract must also change by the minimum of 20% in line with the University’s flexible working policy before you take the flexible retirement.

Ill Health Retirement

You can apply for ill health retirement if you have more than 5 years pensionable service. Any ill health retirement must be approved by the University, Trustees and Occupational Health before being put into payment.