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Advice & FAQs

All the information you generally need will be in the relevant website for your scheme .  You can also contact HR Services with employment related queries - .  

To support you some of the most frequently requested questions we receive are listed below:

Do I have to join?

Membership in each pension scheme is automatic unless you choose to opt out. If you do not want to remain, please contact the Pensions Office for a form to opt out.

Can I join at a later date?

You can apply to join USS or Pension Saver at any time, up to age 75.

What happens if I go part time?

The benefits you earn will be proportionate to your full-time benefits.

Can I pay extra to increase my benefits?

Yes, you can save extra towards retirement by paying what is called Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs).

Can I transfer in benefits from an old scheme?

It may be possible to transfer benefits from a previous scheme if you are a member of USS.  Please complete the transfer request form available via the following link:

For Pension Saver transfers in please see the information on the L&G website here

What do I pay to my scheme?


Member rate

Pension Saver

Initial enrolment @ 4%






Dependent on level of earnings


Dependent on level of earnings

I am going on maternity leave, what happens to my pension?

You will continue to pay contributions, or via PensionChoice, on the earnings you receive. HR's Maternity Leave page also provides more information.

What happens if I leave the University? 

After leaving you will be provided with details of your options, these may include a refund of contributions, leaving your benefits deferred until pension age or taking a transfer to another pension arrangement. Please visit our leavers page or HR's leavers page which provides wider information.

Can I retire before the normal retirement age?

Yes, you may be able to start to receive your benefits early. Find out more about retirement and flexible retirement on your scheme website, the retirement page or contact the Pensions Office to discuss.

When can I retire?

Details are available on the retirement page.