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How HERA Works

HERA uses a questionnaire that is made up of 50 statements which are divided into fourteen HERA elements. Information about a role is collected by a trained Role Analyst under each element specifying what demands, responsibilities, knowledge and experience are formally required to carry out the role.

The questionnaire is designed to be used across all PS roles so it's unlikely that all statements will be pertinent to every role (as each role combines different competencies). It is also important to note that only the formal requirements of the role are evaluated and not the individual’s performance in carrying out the role.

Using HERA, each element is ‘scored’ alphabetically based on the information obtained about the role. These scores are then combined and provide a total numerical point score for the role. This numerical score decides the relative size and worth of the role and the grade of the role is assigned. Additionally, role data obtained is compared to similar roles that have been evaluated to ensure that it has been scored correctly and provide consistency across the University.