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Purchasing Equipment/Software

Under no circumstances should a member of staff seek a reimbursement of expenses relating to the purchase of University equipment (e.g. laptops, lab equipment etc.).

These must be requisitioned and bought through the procurement system. There are recognised purchasing procedures that must be adhered to.

Similarly, expense claims cannot be reimbursed where a member of staff purchases equipment privately, even if it is for work use (e.g. new computer software, keyboard or mouse etc.).

Software must be licensed for educational use. Please note that it is illegal to buy and use for University purposes any software licensed for domestic or commercial usage.

Paying a Supplier

University staff should not take it upon themselves to pay invoices or other external person(s) for work rendered and then seek reimbursement through the expenses process. All invoices must be paid through the Accounts Payable system.

Expense claims of this nature will be rejected by the Payroll team.

It will be the responsibility of the claimant to seek reimbursement privately, and the external body should be directed to submit and invoice for the work made out to the University.

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