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Our strategy

Strategy (purple heart)

Our community of students and staff have mental health and wellbeing in common. One in four people in the UK experience a mental health problem each year. 

Good mental health and wellbeing is essential for our students and staff to realise their potential and achieve success. Our new Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy, published in March 2022, sets out an inclusive and whole-university approach to achieve this.

Our Vision

To work together as a whole University to promote an inclusive and supportive community, underpinned by effective and timely mental health and wellbeing support systems that allow our students and staff to realise their potential and achieve success.

The Strategy will be delivered in partnership with our staff and students through a sector-leading approach that includes a commitment to continuous improvement. It is based on a number of key themes.

Key themes

  • Leadership at a senior level to ensure that staff and student mental health is considered when planning and developing wider University policy.  Development activity will be embedded in all leadership programmes to equip leaders to support staff and student wellbeing.
  • Prevention by enabling and encouraging students and staff to take ownership of positive mental health behaviours in a university environment and inclusive culture that promotes good mental health and wellbeing.
  • Early intervention through a proactive approach to identify staff and students at risk of poor mental health and wellbeing, with easy and rapid access to help before difficulties escalate.
  • Effective and timely mental health and wellbeing support that recognises the diversity of our staff and students, with readily available resources and information that is easy to navigate. Robust risk management protocols will also be in place that include 24/7 access to urgent support, escalation protocols and appropriate information sharing.
  • Support for staff and students during key transitions in their employment or studies, so that we welcome and induct students and staff who are new to the University and then as their careers and studies develop and progress.
  • Recognition of the mental health and wellbeing needs of all categories of staff, proactively addressed through tailored resources, and that line-managers are trained and supported to recognise and respond to mental health and wellbeing issues in their staff and teams.
  • Use of data, research evidence and feedback from students and staff to evaluate and improve our provision and support more proactive interventions. Through continued development of our systems and processes, we will identify those most in need of urgent support.
  • Working in partnership to establish strong collaborations within the University and with external organisations to inform and provide effective mental health and wellbeing support and deliver the strategy.

The Strategy will be implemented over the next two to three years. Further details about actions in key areas will be provided later this year.