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Academic adviser - Supporting you and your students

Employability involves everyone - students, staff, alumni and industry.

 “The Graduate Outcomes survey is the biggest annual social survey in the UK and captures the perspectives and current status of graduates. All graduates who completed a higher education course in the UK after August 2017 will be asked to take part in the survey 15 months after they finish their studies.“ HESA 

Employability is a core metric for TEF. It holds a double weighting identifying graduates who are employed or in further study (1) and identifying which graduates are in highly skilled employment or highly skilled further study (pursuing a further qualification that is at a higher level than their previous) (2). 

Many students will be unsure about what they want to do with regard to their employability, even in their final year. This is not unusual and again, the Careers Service is here to provide guidance and discussion around next steps. The Careers Service is for all students, not just those that think they know what they want to do next. Support can be found here

The University of Manchester is the most targeted university by employers (High Fliers report, 2020). Employers want to recruit University of Manchester students and graduates for a variety of positions, from first year ‘spring insight weeks’ to summer internships, year long placements and graduate jobs.

The Careers Service works closely with hundreds of employers to ensure the opportunities are promoted. The University Careers Service works with both SMEs, particularly in the Greater Manchester regions as well as the large international employers.

How can you support students?

Understand what opportunities are advertised to students. 

CareerConnect is our vacancy, event, appointment and contact portal:

If a student wants to pursue further study and/or a career in academia, the information, advice and guidance team is there for them too.


Engaging with Industry

Many employers will contact you directly looking to recruit students from your discipline. It is fantastic that employers want to engage, but it can get complicated.

Like the University, there are multiple contacts, departments, businesses within one organisation and often different members of the same organisation will contact different people across the university, but for the same purpose!

To reduce confusion and duplication of work, we have simplified the process for you!

  • If an employer contacts you with an opportunity for your students (job, employer event, etc), please forward this request to Anne Milligan heads up the Employer Engagement Team in the Careers Service and will liaise with the individual contact and update them on what is already booked/planned/in place for their company. 
  • Anne’s team will keep you up to date with progress and forward any opportunities relevant to your discipline via your Employability Tutor.
  • Employers can add vacancies directly to CareerConnect and it is free to do so. 

Working with DDAR

  • Your Department and the Careers Service partner with DDAR on a number of activities and events. Connecting Alumni with students via projects, careers mentoring, placements and events is a great way to engage your students. To find out more about working with DDAR please contact Helen Foote

Get to know your Employability Tutor

  • Every department has at least one Academic Employability Tutor.
  • They work with you to look at ways in which employability can be part of the curriculum,
  • The Employability Tutor is the lead on supporting and promoting industrial placement and internship opportunities in your Department/Discipline and are there to provide updates and information on events and activities that should be disseminated to students.
  • The Employability Tutor works closely with the Central Careers Service and the Careers Consultants specifically focused on supporting students and graduates.
  • The Employability Tutor leads on the employability objective on the Department/Discipline SEAP with support from the Faculty Careers Manager 

The Careers Service is here to help - contact your Faculty Careers Manager or School Lead Careers Consultant to find out about school support and central events.