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Frequent Travellers Credit Card (FTCC)

The Frequent Travellers Corporate Credit Card (FTCC) is an RBS Mastercard issued to members of staff with the approval of the Director of Finance.

The card will be issued by the Purchasing Card System Administrator who will set a limit for:

  • individual transactions
  • total value of transactions per month
  • authorised purchases

Each user must sign the FTCC User Agreement before the card is issued.

The Finance Directorate have issued detailed regulations for the FTCC. All staff issued with a FTCC must observe the following rules at all times:

  • The FTCC must be used only by the authorised person, whose name will appear on the card

  • The FTCC must be used to purchase only goods and services that are bona fide University travel and entertainment expenses. Travel and hotel accommodation should wherever possible be paid for using the normal order and invoice system. Other acceptable purchases include fuel, small business-related items when away from the University on business, and entertaining guests

  • The individual and monthly transaction limits set for the FTCC holder must not be exceeded. It is forbidden to artificially split purchases to remain under the individual transaction limit

  • HM Revenue and Customs rules on business entertainment must be obeyed. See the Financial Procedures for further guidance

  • If air miles are gained by use of the FTCC the cardholder must declare these to HM Revenue and Customs

  • The card must never be used for personal purchases

  • Receipts must be obtained for all purchases

  • All requirements of the company issuing the card must be complied with in full

  • The monthly logs must be completed and returned as required, with the log having been signed by an authorised signatory who must not be the card user. The authorised signatory must be the Head of School or a person appointed by them and must be senior to the card user

  • The card holder should inform RBS at once of lost or stolen cards. The company will then cancel the card and issue a replacement. The FTCC System Administrator must also be informed as soon as possible

  • The card user must keep the card details confidential and not pass them to any unauthorised person

The FTCC Systems Administrator must be informed and the card returned when a cardholder leaves the University.

For more information and to apply for an FTCC, please visit the Directorate of Finance pages of StaffNet.

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